How to Address Black Water Damage in Your House 

January 14, 2022

How-to-Address-Black-Water-Damage-in-Your-HouseDespite being a vital part of your life, water can also turn into quite a nuisance. Left sitting in your home for a while, it can seep into porous materials and give rise to mold. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The situation gets much more severe if you’re dealing with black water damage. It warrants the work of trained contractors for water damage repair in Laguna Niguel, meaning DIY remediation is ill-advised.

Still, if you’re confident about your skills, we’ll provide some tips to help you reduce the risk of injuries and hazards. Coming up is a quick guide on black water remediation, so read on!

What is black water damage?

Before we dig into the repair process, we’ll first describe the basics of black water damage. This knowledge will help you react to your situation properly, limit the material harm, and avoid some crucial mistakes.

Basically, black water is seriously contaminated water that involves sewage overflow or floodwaters. It’s the most severe type of water damage and must be cleaned and remediated promptly. It’s toxic, packed with microbes, and potentially life-threatening.

The risk associated with black water extends beyond the water itself. Any contaminated objects can be just as dangerous, such as warped floorboards and ruined carpets. Bacteria may have seeped into tiny cracks, making them more likely to end up in your body.

When it comes to the origin of black water, there can be several culprits. One of the most common ones is an overflowing toilet. Besides spewing water, it can spread toxic water filled with vicious pathogens.

Another cause of black water is flooding. It affects the area near your house and carries several harmful substances, including fertilizer.

As a result, prompt remediation is pivotal to preventing health risks.

How do you remediate black water damage?

Addressing black water damage should start shortly after the onset. Otherwise, it gets more complicated and expensive to remove. The only way to remove it from your home is to perform thorough decontamination. Here’s what it consists of:

  • Assessing the place: Investigate all parts of the home to create a comprehensive cleanup plan. Take your time since black water rarely affects just one area or room.
  • Extract water: Remove pools of black water with powerful pumps. Once the water is eliminated, dry and dehumidify the place.
  • Deep cleaning: You need to deep clean all possessions contaminated by black water, even if they’ve been exposed to the fumes only.
  • Restore your home: The restoration process may take a lot of time, depending on the extent of the damage. You may need to repair your floors, repaint walls, replace the wardrobe, and perform many other tasks.

Again, decontaminating and sanitizing a home with black water damage on your own isn’t recommended. Hiring professionals is a much safer decision. They have all the equipment and skills to remove water safely and ensure your house is 100% safe.

What-is-black-water-damageLooking for vetted contractors for water damage repair in Laguna Niguel? Just stick to our trusted experts!

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