The Effects of Water Damage on Materials in Your House 

February 9, 2022

Effects-of-Water-Damage-on-MaterialsWater damage is one of the most common problems you may face in your home. It comes out of the blue and can leave serious consequences. However, a lot remains unknown about this predicament. In particular, how does it affect different materials in your home?

You’ve come to the right place to find the answer! Highly experienced flood damage restoration professionals in Laguna Niguel will tell you how water can harm various materials in your household. Read on!

How does water damage affect different materials in your home?

Whenever you’re facing water damage, reacting promptly is essential. However, starting the repairs is one of the things you shouldn’t do in this case, whether you’re dealing with black water or less severe types of damage.

Instead, you should bring in the experts immediately. They can address various forms of water damage on your house materials:

Wood damage

Numerous areas and surfaces in your house might be made of wood. The list includes floors, baseboards, cabinets, tables, chairs, and entertainment centers.

Water can have a significant impact on them. It can cause them to rot, weaken, and warp until they’re irreparable.

In this case, water damage specialists usually rip out the materials since fixing it may not be an option. If the surface doesn’t dry correctly, it can promote mold growth, which is why replacement is the best option.

Tile damage

One of the main reasons people install tile flooring is that it’s waterproof. That said, the grout connecting the tile isn’t waterproof. If it chips away, it allows water to seep in and cause tremendous damage.

To make matters worse, the damage doesn’t just affect the grout. It can spread to subflooring and cause it to warp or swell, which can impact the rest of the tiling.

Carpet damage

Your carpets aren’t technically a material, but they are a type of flooring. Depending on the extent of the harm, you might need to get rid of it and install new models.

The source is also pivotal to determining if you should replace your carpet. For instance, you’ll most likely need to throw it away if the damage was caused by sewage pipes. This water is contaminated and poses a health risk.

Concrete damage

Many homeowners think that concrete is waterproof and impervious to water damage. As a result, they expect their walls and foundation to come out unscathed.

Unfortunately, the reality is entirely the opposite. Water that arises due to a plumbing or natural disaster can significantly affect your concrete surfaces.

It’s especially evident if your foundation is made of concrete. Your flooring rests on top of it, and water damage can make it bubble, tear at the seams, and deteriorate in many other ways.

It gets even worse if water affects your concrete walls because they likely contain electrical wiring and gas lines. The plaster deteriorates, enabling the leak to spread to the lines and electricals. A disaster can strike shortly afterward, but don’t try to fix the problem on your own. Get in touch with an expert to avoid hazards.

Drywall damage

Your drywall can consist of several materials, such as wood pulp, plywood, gypsum, and asbestos-cement board. Unfortunately, it’s highly susceptible to mold since it’s cool and damp. Water can also weaken your drywall so much that it becomes a structural hazard.

How-does-water-damage-affect-different-materials-in-your-homeHow do I address a leak in my house? Contact the top-rated flood damage restoration company in Laguna Niguel

Water damage can be a huge problem in your Laguna Niguel household. It can cause a number of health issues and even make the place unsafe to live in. That’s what you want to address the problem right away, and hiring EHS is your best option. Reach out to us at any time of the day, and we’ll go to great lengths to deal with the source of the leak once and for all.

Once water damage is no longer an issue, get some well-deserved downtime at Laguna Niguel Regional Park. Book our services and witness our expertise first-hand!