The Effects of Hard Water on Your Plumbing System

Hard water is one of the most common issues regarding water quality. According to a U.S. geological survey, even 85 percent of the water in the U.S. is considered hard water. It contains calcium, magnesium and a variety of trace metals. High levels of minerals can cause problems in appliances and plumbing, urging you to seek emergency plumbing San Clemente services.

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5 Common Causes of a Dripping Tap

Nothing can be as annoying and frustrating as the sound of a leaking faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. The never-ending drip is something that can keep you awake at night and prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. Even if your tap is dripping just a little bit and may seem like a minor problem, it surely wastes water and increases your utility bills. A leaky faucet is one of the most common plumbing issues and it isn’t just a nuisance. If it goes unrepaired for too long, it can develop into a large problem that will require the services of professional emergency plumber Orange County.

Knowing possible causes of a dripping tap can help you become more aware and knowledgeable in preventing this plumbing complication.

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Top 8 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Clogged sink - Emergency Plumber Orange CountyThere is a common wisdom that you can plan ahead as much as you want, but accidents will still happen. And when a plumbing emergency arises, you best have an emergency plumber in Orange County on speed dial, or you might find yourself in a pickle. Here are some of the most common plumbing emergencies that arise.

Clogged sink

We have probably all experienced this problem; washing the dishes or shaving, when the drain slows down so much that the water collects a lot faster than it drains. A bit of an annoyance, but hardly an emergency. However, if you ignore the problem and let it escalate, it can form a clog somewhere down the drain line. This can completely stop the drainage of water. And that does sound like an emergency, especially if you were in the middle of doing a big pile of dishes.

Clogged toilet

Nobody likes to talk about it, but the toilet is probably the most commonly used home installation. So having it clogged can put a damper in your everyday life. There are simple DIY methods to deal with a small blockage; however, if the problem persists, you may find yourself calling for a plumber at an awkward time of day. It’s good to know that there are emergency plumbers in Orange County who are at your beck and call at any time.

Clogged shower/bathtub

Similar to the first entry, with one small difference. You will actually be inside the shower/bathtub if it gets clogged and overflowing. And all the soap grime and the hair can return from the drain to pester you. A shower is a place where we want to get clean, not dirty; get this problem sorted out before it escalates to this level.

Leaky faucets

The dripity-drip of a leaky faucet is more than just a slight nuisance in the sleepless night. If it persists, it actually increases your water bill by some margin. In addition, it can cause rust on the metal parts of your bathroom/kitchen. Not to mention that the moisture helps the growth of mold.

Leaky water heater

If there is a leak somewhere in your hot water supply, you may be paying a whole lot more for water heating than you expect. In addition, if it persists, the constant leak can cause property damage, as well as ruin your water heater completely, to the point where you need a new one.

Leaky washing machine

This one happens a lot more often than we would like it to. The machine is running fine one moment, and the next, there is a huge flood on the bathroom floor. You can combat this problem before it occurs. Look for bulges or cracks in the washing machine hose.

Burst pipes

There’s a myriad reasons why this could happen. The natural freezing and thawing of the ground might rip the pipes from their place, or tree roots might. It could be a miscalculated shovel or a spade stab in your garden, or even an earthquake. Whatever the reason, it leaves you with weak or no water pressure in your home. That’s a major disruption of your everyday life, especially in the summer. A prompt solution to this problem is essential.

We want our technology to function flawlessly. Still, in this imperfect world, we know that is not the case. That’s why we have contingency plans for everything. Our cars have mechanics, our computers have tech support, and our plumbing has the emergency plumbers. Orange County residents can count on Emergency Home Solutions to help with their plumbing emergencies.